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Looks like the whole alterno-currency thing is going for a loop LTC/USD information from BTC-e, period h, last update: -- GMT Latest trade Volume Low High Bid Talk to USD, LTC USD USD USD USDNo sane government leader wants to see his capability eroded by some faceless billionaire guru who convinced the masses to spend $ + on a electronic number. Easy enough in order to pop the bubble and keep the masses under management. Why would you actually even want a totally decentralized currency? Absolutely decentralized currency means laws don't secure you. need aid OCCUP SMARTEN_-UP'S house he stole from you he took from his work recipes one dish recipes one dish place. come help and sit in her home near Off-shore Beach, rates are usually low. Bring a pizza and a few music from a s. Oh fantastic Just what we need, another Drum Circle inside 'burbs.... and were not leaving right until he repays the $ that may be $, he got through the bailout. Good sadness, is that Joan Baez Arlo? Suburbgatory definitely! Well, TPMD will not likely come, I think I actually see some khaki shorts plus a baseball cap... LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!! Anybody for the group jump over Golden Gate association!!?? im in! how 'bout as an alternative to jumping off.... how 'bout as an alternative to jumping off da association we simply skills our naked butts all around da bridge, after which it treat ourselves with a champagne brunch around Sausalito..... who's inside? breast for champagne brunch - gimme your breakJumping vs. Receiving a clue Hey, if it's that bad then you may, ya know, move some other place where it seriously isn't so bad. Simply a thought. raspberries to you personally! I wish windstar would post a photo of herI desire Jeff would out there that miserable bitch. That's windstar? The d-artist/jeff troll which lives here. just search the forum to the termJeff? why do you think you're posting in off white? We all know that you do not give shits about your household and live in MoFoYou see Barry everywhere you expended loser. Can't go several hours without flicking your bean to the forum can every Post your teets you actually fat cow or receive the fuck out.

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treasuries really are blinking red^^Everyone might read this, pretty decent info hereWhat about the Gold ETF Funds? Still good option?? i dont be aware of anymore, Sgi, you will still here? he could know. I only just hold physical. Great Pet Unicorn tells fed will Heighten Fed Funds Starting in May and rate would be % by finish of year!! where ever keep a unicorn? and are you wanting yards does it put together a week? Cheapest price for K Cup adapter filters anybody $Why truly reusable one? best deal was $How much cheaper are you keen it to possibly be? You can play with it for years you're certain... Americans are likewise dumb I think E Cups taste like shit Nothing like a nice cup in a French Press. You will dont understand There is reusable K-cups which use mesh screens. Rather such as French press. Stimulate it now?

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Profit a katana razor to shave. Document don't shave! Methinks you will all been made into doingthing unnatural, thinking it is actually natural. Be contrarian... you'll feel better get rid of. oh god, so, who the hell loves you? exactly. the place was about shavers. how.... money relatedYou need money to invest in razorswhy don't you receive them on your own wristgood morning back pack -- Refinery repairs and maintenance or fires. Timing is alwaysTOO kookyShut together and drivethey are enslaved billion profits you will be like do not necessarily drive. Arab Spring was resulting from oil companies also The guy around Tunisia who lit himself racing, and a large amount of the young protestors throughout Egypt were a bathroom kitchen remodel bathroom kitchen remodel round the payroll of Goldman Sachs. As to why? To boost going down oil prices. come to an understanding, lots of odd stuffs That may just work You comprehend, that isnt a good half bad thought. Liability insurance might be a bit harder to search out, couldnt tell you certainly though. How many people would you would like to limit it to in the old days? You wouldnt want too large of a class, because then through become unmanagable... I wonder in the event you could partner utilizing your local community college or university or trade faculty, perhaps students in the certain field could run it and acquire credit time...

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Politician's say: % of Charcoal males under age are unemployed. Has it been true br miso fish recipes miso fish recipes oham? She's a more substantial nutjob than Ron John ever was, but since she's liberal not running for nearly anything, nogives attention. Maxine Lakes and rivers Quotes "Guess what this liberal might possibly be all about? This liberal shall be about socializing... uh, um... Might possibly be about, basiy, taking on, and the government running your whole companies. " "If it had become left up to me... I would nationalize the whole of the [mortgage] industry. " Making it very march (in a pro-abortion march) considering that my mother wasn�t able to have an abortion. these d nazareth hair of the dog mp3 nazareth hair of the dog mp3 ays good ones? If you'd like to see a fucking slow down in actionand k of it is in our sweatpantsMany havejobs that don't pay income tax and are all cash, ever try to buy a lid with a charge card?

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'em and have That is the only real way to be aware of... UI instructions are incredibly very clear you should be ready and available to work FULL TIME every day you declare UI. just takemonth during a period by the time you fill in the form, you can wait weeks for that other form to arrive, then you own weeks to pack that out, therefore you essentially could be gone for a month and definitely okay, then do it yet again. Have someone forward the shape to you to foreign countries Then you complete, send it back, and your associate puts it within an envelope with USA stamp and transmits it from the following. Easy. Treat the actual cancer... Disband your UAW Disband the UAW and prevent the spread of the cancerous organization, it is fondling the life out of your auto best pizza cleveland best pizza cleveland industry! take care of the cancer = neglect BunkBoy! What a crock... Honda, Toyota, Nissan accomplish OK here Doesn't appear like the UAW is required when the employers really know what the fuck they're just doing. Yes, you happen to be correct. Th UAW is really a self-propgating dinosaur that inflates the price tag on labor. It serves hardly any purpose in todays world and really should be made extinct. I agree totally and also have raved about this for countless years. Good luck together with your cause.

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I simply sent an email loaded with profanity to a powerful employer who placed on. i've emailed a resume twice to the place and to other a multitude of ads i experienced qualified for without do i obtain a response. i know my experience will not be unique but i've been unemployed since late september and i'm tired of emailing these darn places with hope merely to be so dissapointed there is no response at all. i just were required to vent, i know this happens to several others. man, being unemployed really sucks eventhough i hated every job i've ever endured. if i may very well be whatever i would definitely be, i'd be described as a singer but we're no where shut good so that's a pipe dream. Many thanks for reading. Ha, ha, you're this kind of loser That's like screaming "nya nya nya" on the girl who wouldn't return your lenses. Pathetic. Look, simply no response means virtually no, okay? When they gotta have you, they interact. They didn't people. Sucks? Yes, nevertheless, you only make the software worse by whining. so what? it really is catharticWah, wah, I'm so wounded I would like catharsisyou don't fully understand wounded until you meet me while in the parking lotHang on, let me my best girlfriendyou can't choose a job because you may have problemsI'm sure a underpaid, overworked HUMAN RESOURCES gal who deciphers it, will love your consideration. which cares what Darlene is convinced? know anything about like a courier/messenger? Does anyone find out anything about messenging in NYC over a bike? Can you decide to do it part point in time? Do you will need experience? Thanks.

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Just got an occupation but not convinced if being give fairly Hi all people, I just got a position working as a driver for just a florist shop. They're not paying constant but by the quantity of deliveries you've undertaken, and they compensate me $ for every single delivery. On their website, it stay make charge $ to get delivery. The area some people take deliveries could depend on miles. Also, Profit my own truck, pay my own gas in case anything happen it truly is all on every So I'm simply just wondering if they can be a fair pay. It is far from so bad... My associate is a courier, the person often takes tasks from Eugene so that you can Florance for $- your run. Same situation he insures everything like natural gas, repairs ect... I honestly am not aware of if $ to get miles is sensible or not, I it depends on the your time will be worth to you along with what kinda fuel consumption your car/vehicle will get. You can have tax credit with the miles you get, just add the item up and rub it your tax style. It gets will probably be very large discount so while the wage isn't of which great the levy credit is. Adjusted it is dollars per mile to get business miles run. So if you actually go miles thats an extra dollars in ended up saving money. Instant rewards. Now sure what your needs is with your own employer but if you it is unfair you can request a raise or consult them about maybe moving in an hourly rate. Your math isn't right... Is of which tax credit buck. a mile off your revenues or off a person's net tax number? If its off your pay, then it may well be only $ instead of $. And you'd really have to subtract your specific driving costs (gas, ?nsurance coverage, maintenance, wear in addition to tear) from of which, which means it is really diddly-squat. Pizza delivery long ago $ an an hour Pizza delivery long ago $ an an hour, they supplied your suv and you had got to keep the points.